At home daycare, and childcare centers

Is starting a home daycare really the goose with the golden eggs?

At home daycare, and childcare centers are always in demand.

Yes, you can earn a lot of money with a child daycare. But money should not be your main focus here. You open a daycare because you love children, (that goes almost without say) or when you really hate the fact you have to leave your children to go to work.

You want to spend more time watching your children grow and learn, or maybe you are already a stay-at-home mom and want to bring in more money doing something that's fun, rewarding, and profitable?

Let's have a general look at what to think about when planning your at home daycare business.

  • Location -

    The easiest, cheapest and most efficient way is to just use your home for your at home daycare. when you want to rent commercial premises you must know that high costs can become a real issue for your start up. The obvious downside of having an at home daycare is that you have to sacrifice a large part of your home. You will have to make your home a child friendly place too. There are strict guidelines for this in most countries.

  • Licensing, Safety and Compliance Costs -

    First of all an at home daycare must provide a safe environment for the little ones. Think about fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and first aid kits. You want to prevent kids to fall off the stairs or run onto the street to provide a safe play zone, so you'll need proper fences. You will also need business licenses, permits and in most cases a first aid training certificate.

    For information about licensing in your state (American), help with financing and other information for child care providers check out the childcare bureau. Or do a Google search for “daycare, licensing” when you live in another country.

  • Equipment - As I mentioned before, to make your daycare marketable you have to turn it into a child friendly environment. Art and craft supplies, suitable furniture and decorations are needed to create visually stimulating surroundings. Think about play structures outside, toys, books, posters etc. Remember to always go with quality as children typically wear things out faster than adults.
  • Administrative area - Set up a little office that can be used for admin. Costs here may include stationery, phone line connection and Internet connection. Those are mainly tax deductible under business costs.
  • The Grand Business Launch - You'll need to attract attention with a grand opening. People in your area need to know about your new place. Have some nice fliers printed and hand them out in the mall (crowded with moms and kids). Design a nice logo, and a house style. Remember that your campaigns should start months before opening day. Then throw a wonderful opening party

  • Keep in mind it is important to invest a little in yourself. Get the necessary licenses and diploma's. Make sure you keep the cost under control, but spend enough to make your new at home daycare look professional so that it will attract lots and lots of new customers.

    Are you looking for a way to quit your job, or you are looking for an opportunity to work from home, and watch your children grow and learn? Maybe you are already a stay-at-home mom and want to bring in more money doing something that's fun, rewarding, and profitable? Then starting a daycare business is really worth looking into.

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