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Become a dog trainer, start a pet sitter business or pet treat business

Take a piece of the 48 billion (!) dollar pie!

But before you read on how to become a dog trainer you should know this:

With the economy in a slump and only slow recovery to be expected, the pet industry has been proven to be recession resistant.

World wide people spend billions of dollars on their pets. In the USA alone they spend $47.7 billion a year on their pets. That's more than the gross national product of all but 64 countries in the world! And the amount they spent has doubled compared to 10 years ago.

According to the 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey, 6 out of 10 U.S. households own a pet, that's 71.4 millions homes. When it comes to business start-ups, pet businesses could perhaps be one of the few relatively untouched gold mines.

Very little competition

When owning this kind of business you will hold a big advantage; No matter what shape the economy is in, people will still spent money on their pets. And that means serious profits for you!

Once you know how to start and maintain your pet sitter business or know how to become a dog trainer, or start your pet treat business, it’s a stress-free and fulfilling occupation.

To get your creative juices flowing, I have listed some great ideas below to get you started in the profitable pet business.

For instance the Dog Trainer Handbook. This course is currently one of the best available on the web today and has helped 1000's of dog lovers become a dog trainer... Why?

Because this book not only gets you ready to become a fully certified dog trainer, it's also designed to guide you on how to start and run your own successful dog training business.

This book is fair and balanced at offering many options, all of those great for establishing a carefully planned career in the field of dog training.

Just have a look what's on offer here: Dog Trainer Handbook.

Start a pet sitter business

But there is more to the pet business than just become a dog trainer... For instance, have you heard of Pet sitting?

I am sure you have, but did you know you can earn up to $250,- a day with your pet sitting biz? That's $5000,- a month!

How to Make $250 a Day Pet Sitting is an eBook that's fact-filled, informative and FUN to read. It's designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Turn their love of animals into a rewarding home-based business!
  • Fire their boss and jump out of the rat race!
  • Earn a good living without working terribly hard!
  • Set their own hours!
  • Set their own rates!

Become part of the exploding personal services industry by clicking: How to Make $250 a Day Pet Sitting...

Bake a dog a bone!

Bake a Dog a Bone is a step-by-step business guide that will show you how to turn your passion for pets into a six-figure income.

It is written by two pet business professionals: Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram. They will teach you how to bake pet treats that will make you the most profit, online and offline marketing strategies and ways you can approach other pet professional in your area to expand your marketing reach.

Here is a short preview of what is included in the guide:

  • Best pet treats to bake and sell
  • The rules of effective pet business customer service
  • Ways to test your marketing strategy and plans
  • Which ingredients are the ones you should choose for your treats and which you need to avoid at all costs
  • How to optimize your order tracking system
  • How to avoid the number one mistake made by beginners in pet bakery business
  • And more…

To find out about launching your career as a pet master chef simply click on this link: Explore Bake a Dog a Bone

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This site was really helpful when I was looking for small business ideas. I learned that my passion for cars can be turned into a profit. I have my own car business now and the goal setting techniques I learned here I still apply daily. Keep up the good work!

-John Canfield-

I really like your approach on discussing small business ideas. Most sites about business ideas have so much hype and lack any credibility. The value of your site is your easy and realistic approach. It really shows you are a small business coach in the real world. Thanks to your recommendations I started my very own jewelry web business. Doing what I love is great! Thanks again Onno.

-Andrea Sylver-

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