Business going green

by Graham
(Worcester, Massachusetts)

About three years ago I was pretty miserable because I did not feel I was living my full potential working for a non-governmental organization.

The long commute, the boring nature of my work, my boss, and the little time I spend with my family, finally got the better of me. I was so very much fed up that I actively started looking for an opportunity to break free from all that.

I have always been concerned about the environment and I love to talk about my ideas about how people can live more in harmony with nature. Our ways are pretty damaging to the environment and our dependence on fossil fuel is just not funny anymore; especially because there are great alternatives around.

I considered my passion and thought it might be a great idea to start a business going green. In other words; start a green business!

While doing my research I found a great source of information on how to build my own solar panels. It took me 1 day to read the information, another day to buy all the required materials and then 3 days to build my very own solar panel. For under a $100!

I am so excited what I have learned from this guide and with my home build solar panels on my roof my neighbors want to know what I am doing. One after another approached me to build some solar panels for them and now our entire neighborhood is about to be transformed! Can you believe it?

I have my own workshop in the garage and for the coming two months or so I am fully booked out building solar panels, having my very own business going green!

Doing what I love, working with my passion has really transformed my life. And I am making way more money than before!

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Business going green

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May 05, 2011
great article
by: Anonymous

I like the article because it seems you really do what you love. Keep up the good work!

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