Successful on Ebay com without any investment

Can you start ebay business and take a piece of the pie?

Yep, sure you can!

ebay com has made more people millionaires than many other businesses online. It is a great place to buy and sell everything from the Bat-mobile to sail boats to clipped toenails. It is very easy to start ebay business, millions of people have a little shop already.

Nearly anything you list on eBay will sell if you're flexible enough about the price. EBay’s global reach can even move unusual items that aren't in demand in your own neighborhood, turning dust collectors into money.

Find out what the best selling items on ebay are right now...

Show me the money!

The real trick to be successful on ebay com is to sell with NO inventory investment. The key to making big money is dropshipping (products are being send directly to the consumer by the producer or warehouse and you are the middle man/woman).

Stocking inventory cost you money. Packing and shipping orders cost your time. You can make ten times more income by teaming with a few quality dropshippers.

Shopster is a very good dropshipping solution. No commitment needed. You get a fully customizable branded online store selling any of the products you choose from over 130 dropship suppliers and 900,000 products. You carry no inventory at all. Sell with your website, sell on ebay, and sell with other online auctions. Unlike the internet get-rich-quick commercials you see on TV, is the real deal.

You can sign up for a 14 day free trial. Also see as they are a major player too.

*Have the drop-shipping cycle explained in more detail at the bottom of this page

Have you heard of Francis Ochoco? He is the first Ever ebay com Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010.

As we speak he is giving away ebooks for free!

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"The eBay Millionaire" Book

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This book will teach you:

  • How to make your eBay business run on auto-pilot.
  • Why some PowerSellers who work less than 10 hours per week make more money than PowerSellers who work more than 10 hours per day.
  • How to set up your business so that you can hire employees to easily do all the work for you.

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*Here is the drop-shipping cycle explained in more detail

  • You locate products to sell from a database of over 1,000,000 products.

  • You use tools through that allow you to select products, set pricing and automatically send them to eBay.

  • Your item sells on eBay and you receive payment through Paypal.

  • You purchase the product from Doba using the Paypal funds you just received from the buyer.  You pay the wholesale price and keep the profit - no waiting for a commission check!

  • Doba will process and ship it to your customer. Doba will also handle your return orders, exchanges or problems or tell you how to deal with the issue through the manufacturer.  You also will have tracking information on every order.

The people who are making money on the web are finding products no one else is offering and selling those items quickly for a much larger profit. Also check out SaleHoo Wholesale and Java City.

To start your ebay com business you are going to need:

-A PayPal account

-An eBay account

-A drop-shipper account

Remember I told you this biz could be started without any investment? Here is how:

  1. Sign up for the free 7 day trial.
  2. Make a real effort to get things started
  3. Contact customer service or live chat on the fourth or fifth day of your trial. Tell them you have been working very hard and that you really would like to prolong your trial period so you can get a better feel for the system and your auctions have time to run their course etc.... you are most likely to get your trial extended to a full month by doing it this way. Take some time to ask them every question you have since you are on the phone anyway! It is well worth taking advantage of the expertise of these amazing customer service reps.
  4. You really have to work hard during the trial period and it is easy to earn the few dollars your membership will cost you and more. Then you can pay your membership with your earning and thus have a $0,-start up.
  5. When you are sure of how wonderful your new business is and you are prepared to pay your membership fees… DON'T!!! Just get someone on the phone in the promotions department again and they will usually throw in free tools. On top of that they will offer you HUGE discounts on your membership.

Before you go any further you need to take some time getting familiar with Ebay com, PayPal and your drop-shipper. Explore each site carefully. Read about EBay’s fees (you will not have to pay any fees up front to use Ebay but in order to price your items properly, you will need to understand the fee structure).

Familiarize yourself with the tools and products offered by your drop-shipper. It will only help you run your new business more smoothly.

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This site was really helpful when I was looking for small business ideas. I learned that my passion for cars can be turned into a profit. I have my own car business now and the goal setting techniques I learned here I still apply daily. Keep up the good work!

-John Canfield-

I really like your approach on discussing small business ideas. Most sites about business ideas have so much hype and lack any credibility. The value of your site is your easy and realistic approach. It really shows you are a small business coach in the real world. Thanks to your recommendations I started my very own jewelry web business. Doing what I love is great! Thanks again Onno.

-Andrea Sylver-

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