The Goal Setting Worksheet

What Masai Warriors and Smart Goals Have In Common

Goal setting worksheet

Great, you have made it to

step 2: Setting Goals.

Are you ready to start working on your personal goal setting worksheet?

In my "real life" coaching sessions I always start with a promise of commitment. I promise to guide you all the way from where you are now to where you want to go with integrity, focus and a bit of humor.

And this is the point where I ask you to promise me to commit to the process and invest some time and effort.

This coaching session is completely free, so are the goal setting forms, all it will cost you is a bit of (very well spend) time.

So... Promise?

Good. Before we go to the goal setting worksheet I'd like to share some goal setting theory with the story of John Grinder , he was one of the founders of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Click Goal setting theory to see how Masai warriors applied goal setting... And how you can learn from them!

Focus on your potential instead of your limitations. -Alan Loy McGinnis-

Smart Goals

In order to set the perfect goal I am going to get SMART with you. Smart goals are THE way to set a perfect goal.

I have dedicated a page to smart goals. Be smart... and check it out before working on your goal setting here.


My Overall Goal is:

I will start working on my goal by doing: (name at least 3 activities)




I will know that I have reached this goal because:

I will have reached this goal by the date of:

I know I can do this because:

Describe in detail what you see when you imagine yourself achieving this goal. Be as specific as you possibly can describing what you see, things you hear, smell, feel, taste etc.

Great, you have completed the important 2nd step of our journey towards having your own business by setting smart goals and filling out the worksheet...Well done!

To achieve your aims and ambitions, there are four key techniques that will help you succeed. I have created a unique journal that can be used when attempting any form of change. Do it now with step 3.

It is time to work on your Motivation in Step 3 with the:
goal setting forms

I have gathered some wise quotes about goal setting to be used for your inspiration. Learn and take them to heart here: Quotes about goal setting

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