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Green business ideas and green business opportunities

Back in the 90's who could have thought this "green thing" could ever make it big! Fact is that Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient truth", has moved the world into action concerning the environment.

Governments have now taken decisive action on topics only the green party used to insist upon. People around the world expanded their insight and no longer see themselves as pure individuals but now feel more responsible for the entire system.

I believe this is a wonderful thing. We live in the Netherlands and according to Al Gore my little country could soon be swollowed by the ocean! So we need to do something here...

And luckily we are. Governments are ready to subsidise green business ideas, and consumers are ready to spend their money at eco-friendly cars, solar and wind turbines etc.

By investing in green business ideas and opportunities, or becoming a green business owner you can actively work on improving the environment. But you can make a lot of money too! In fact, organic product sales (that's food- and non-food) in 2009 grew by 5.3 percent overall, to reach $26.6 billion.

That's a lot of growth in a recession folks! Another big advantage is that there won't be a lot of competition yet, since this eco-awareness is a recent thing.

The Solar Panel Business is hot, there is no question about that. Read more about how to start this Green Home Business at: green home business.

4 Things to keep in mind before starting a green business

  1. Seek your niche

    There are enough areas of opportunity in green products. Just find a way to express your own passion to others. Areas like cleaning supplies and cosmetics are natural fits for green products, but don't be afraid to look past the obvious.If you are handy with a hamer consider making solar panels and constructing wind turbines as a business. You really don't have to be a rocket scientist to put those together, and with a clear manual like this in hand, Bob's your uncle. (or father in my case;)

  2. Be an example

    Show you believe in your product by changing other aspects of your life and business to support your own commitment to the earth-friendly lifestyle. This can include making green decisions when it comes to your suppliers and even your personal life. Make a point to recycle and check into using solar or wind power for your business. A green attitude overall will reflect well on your business.

  3. Educate

    Green products customers are just as hungry for knowledge as they are for organic foods. "Understand the significance of your product and how it benefits the earth or conserves resources, know everything about it. If you've done your research, you can more effectively communicate the value of your product to your customers.

  4. Your customers are your best marketers

    Green products is an area that can be heavily driven by word-of-mouth and by happy customers passing on their experiences to other people. Get your customers to be your best promoters. Find colleagues who are on the same page. When it comes to employees, management staff and investors, you need to find people who share your passion. Colleagues that share your cause will be more invested in helping your business to blossom. It's not just about making money, it's also about making a difference in the world around you, one green product at a time.

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