Green Business Opportunities

How Green Business Ideas Can Cause a Revolution

I typed "green business opportunities” on Google and I noticed a wealth of information for green farming and tips to make your business more eco friendly. What I didn’t find were some great tips and opportunities for start-ups .

You know, people are so ready to change the world they live in and I want to make sure they have the resources to do so. This page and this section of my site I therefore dedicate to green business opportunities.

Ever since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the terrible destruction and meltdown of the Fukishima nuclear power plant, governments are re-evaluating the benefits of nuclear power.

Germany even decided to close down their older plants right away, and close the newer plant in 2022. In Germany nuclear power is controversial with its population, and because of their continuous protests, the German government changed their policy.

When you really think about nuclear power it may have certain benefits; there is no Co2 emission, so on the short run it is cleaner. But the obvious downside is that the byproduct of nuclear power is its radioactive waste. Radioactive material diminishes over time but it will take thousands of years for high level waste!


So, it is time for a change don’t you think? We should seriously start to think over planetary evolution.

No, not just think, we should seriously create a planetary R evolution!

The change will be inspired by the people and then work its way up to the Government. As you can see in my example of Germany, they changed their policies to represent the will of the people.

( I think this decision is almost visionary of the German government… Many other governments would give in to the pressure of lobbyist of the traditional oil/power companies and not change a thing!)

I believe a positive change is on the horizon though and I feel that governments in the very near future will more represent the will of its people.

Now they only represent the will of the people during election time. When in power, they do whatever the hell they please. But this is a discussion for another time.

What to do next I might hear you think…? My advice is to start working on the change you wish to see. YOU could focus your energy and start a green business. I know that you have an entrepreneurial spirit (otherwise you would not be here…) so you must have a drive to accomplish your goals. If many of us will do the same thing we can inspire a big change in the world!

How To Start A Green Business?

I have listed a few valuable insights on green business ideas and what to think about when getting started with your Green Business Ideas.

What Are The Alternatives?

Solar Panel Business

Do you think the solar panel business is doing well? It sure is! You will have to learn a thing or two about it first, but if you do, it will be a very lucrative way to make your money. More over you will actively contribute to the world to make energy available in a sustainable way!

Learn more about this green business opportunity by clicking

Solar Green Home Business.

Graham from Worcester, Massachusetts has already started his solar panel biz. Read what he has to has to say on business going green.

Rejuvenate Dead Batteries

Give the gift of life to old/dead batteries. This is an ultimate and real green business opportunity. After your learn how to recondition batteries, you can easily turn what you have learnt into a highly profitable business. Learn more about it at:

Simple Hybrid System

You might not know about it, but there are a lot of great alternatives around already to safe energy (and money).

In my vision a lot is done to keep this knowledge hidden in order for the oil industry to keep on doing what they are doing. (They are making gazillions of dollars on our expense).

For instance did you know you can put a little generator in your car to safe you a lot of gas? This generator you can easily build yourself with a few items from your local hardware store.

Imagine creating a green business providing folks with a device that saves them a lot of money… This business could be run from your garage. Read more on this here.

For more profitable business ideas you can check out this site:

What kind of green business did you start?

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