Health Related Fitness, Enlightened Living and Live To Be a 100 Years Old...

Have you got affinity with wellness and health related fitness? Congratulations, you have picked a potential winner!

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the need for services and products for a maturing generation increases. Because of the high life expectancy these days, you've definitely got a large and growing market.

Did you know that over the last century, life expectancy has doubled! And this leaves a large population in need for an array of products and services.

And you can capitalize on that generation's obsession with staying youthful and healthy. Many of that generation are not about sitting around and getting old... they want to stay active and enjoy life!

By starting a health related fitness business or becoming a personal trainer who focusses on a more mature crowd, you are providing a valuable service to your community.

As more and more people live into their eighties and nineties, there will be lots of clients for you to welcome. You have the opportunity to meet new people, work for yourself, and earn substantial income.

Health related fitness

Something different… If you are serious about getting involved in the health related fitness biz, then I may have a system for you that , in my opinion, is really effective. Pat Rigsby and Alwyn Cosgrove have written a step-by-step manual to succeed in this business.

Together they own The Fitness Consulting Group, and they have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of fitness pros increase their income, get more clients and build more successful businesses. Click here to learn more...

Tradition is soooo 2011!

When you go about this traditionally, a personal trainer could charge $30 to $50 per hour. But you have to remember that costs of classroom materials are variable, so keep track of them since they could easily eat up your profits.

In previous articles on this website we spoke about trading time for money. The main conclusion was that in order for you to be financially independent, the traditional "time for money" was not a good idea.

You only have so many hours in a day, so there is a limit to what you can earn this way. As your small biz coach I would really want you to transcent this loop, and I would like to show you how to come up with something different.

Medical Transportation

Ofcourse there is so much more to this niche than just health related fitness. The opportunities are just so endless, that by definition everything you write about it is somewhat shortcoming.

In order to be as thorough as I can, I would like to focus your attention away from health related fitness to the medical transportation opportunities.

For instance, Joel Davis' Million dollar transportation business. He has written an extended manual on starting an ambulette service. Now considering the growing population of the elderly this business is a winner in my eyes.

To learn more click: Medical business plans


Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and although it is usually recognized as a spiritual practice, more and more people are discovering the health benefits associated with meditation.

In the complex society we live in today, we are bombarded everyday with pressure and tension; it is easy to experience stress and un-balance.

Meditation has been proven to reverse mental illnesses, accelerate learning, enhance problem solving abilities and generally improve the way you feel... It makes you feel happy and more in tune with life and the world!

Is there anybody who does not, in some way, seek after happiness? Meditation takes us to the source of happiness, which is to be found in our own mind. If we have no peace of mind and are constantly attacked by negative thoughts, happiness will remain elusive, no matter how successful we are on an outer plane.

It is perhaps hard to imagine that happiness can occur from the simple act of being. However, if we can learn to still our mind, we will discover an unexpected source of happiness within our own self. Meditation shows us that happiness is not dependent on outer circumstances, but on our inner attitude.

No secrets, wisdom or knowledge is withheld. In addition to learning the profound art of meditation, you will also be taught Yoga and Pranayama, as well as the practical wisdom on how to run a successful meditation center and create a high traffic meditation web site. Here is some of what the program teaches you.

  • Learn Basic Meditation Techniques
  • Learn Advanced Meditation Techniques
  • Learn Gentle Yoga
  • Learn Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises)
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Enlightened Living
  • Learn How to Teach a Meditation Class
  • Learn How to Run a Successful Meditation Center
  • Learn How to Build a High Traffic Meditation Web Site
  • Help Spread the Light and Uplift the World
  • Earn a Good Living

If you would like to get certified, and run your own meditation center, then have a look at Anmol Mehta's meditation training program. It is very extended and useful and it gets my full support as a small business opportunity.

Read more about learning and earning with Meditation

So, now you know on how to benefit from the health and fitness industry. You must realize by now that this is not a hype and it's here to stay for the coming 100 years or so.

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