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Hire an at home virtual assistant. Why should fortune 500 firms have all the fun?

Hire virtual assistant and at home virtual assistant

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. -Henry david thoreau-

One of the main reasons I’ve created this website is that I really want you to be wealthier, have the time to do the things you love and spend more time with your loved ones.

If you really do follow my advice and take the easy steps on this site, you will be wealthy and free. It is as simple as that.

Let’s talk about having the time to do whatever you like. Being rich and free doesn't just happen like that...It takes a certain attitude and it takes a well thought off and well executed plan. Running a biz is often associated with being very busy. To reduce your work and change your perception on work I want you to really pay close attention to the following.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a small business or if you are still an employee. As a fun exercise I would like you to hire a virtual assistant. Just like that? Yep, virtual assistants can take a heap of work and worry off your shoulders. Why should all the Fortune 500 companies have all the fun and couldn’t you join in on the biggest business trend of the new century and outsource your life?

-Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality for justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.

-Malcolm X-

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To hire virtual assistant is a huge departure point and marks the moment that you learn how to give orders and be commander instead of the commanded. It is small-scale training wheels for the most critical small business owner skills: remote management and communication.

It is time to learn to be the boss. Becoming a member of a select group of small biz owners who have the money AND the time to do whatever they want, is not just about working smarter… It’s about building a system to replace yourself. What about the costs?

This is a hurdle that might be difficult at first. If I can do it better than an assistant, why should I pay them at all?

Because the goal is to free your time to focus on bigger and better things!

When you do a google search for: hire virtual assistant, a lot of companies (mainly in India) come up who offer their services. They usually charge something between $4-10 U.S. per hour and handle almost any task, business or personal, that doesn't require their physical presence.

If it can be carried out over the internet, via email, fax, telephone, or chat, they can handle it.When you hire virtual assistant (have a look on www.getfriday.com ) you can expect the following tasks to be handled by them:

  • Managing Databases
  • Buying books, CDs, DVDs...
  • Organizing travel arrangements (Tickets, Hotels)
  • Setting up appointments
  • Online Research
  • Moderating and Updating Blogs
  • The list goes on and on...
Specialized Tasks

They have three specialist teams:
1. Legal Support.
2. Internet Marketing (SEO / SEM).
3. Website Design and Development.

Getfriday.com also handles other, a bit out of the ordinary tasks. I list them because I think they are funny and for sure you can find a useful task for them to practice outsourcing.

  1. We've handled wake calls, calling in with the news for the day and traffic and weather updates. Then calling back 10 minutes later to make sure the client was awake.
  2. We organized a huge clean up. Our client's plumbing went awry. We got it fixed and cleaned up the mess.
  3. We helped find a lost dog. Fido is home safe now.
  4. We helped find a lost client. He was lost in a new city. We found out where he was, got a cab to pick him up and take him to his destination.
  5. We lent a hand to a client trying to lose weight. We found and bought items that fit in with his diet plan. Called him up with reminders and charted the progress.
  6. We organized a wedding. Photographers, locations, invitations, RSVPs...
  7. We've intervened in arguments between couples. Obviously not something we like to do on a regular basis!
  8. We've taught algebra to a sixth grader.
  9. We got the snow shoveled after a blizzard.
  10. We've organized birthday parties for two year olds. Clowns and all.

I hope you understand by now that it is important to take baby steps toward paying others to do work for you. Few actually do it, which is another reason so few people have their ideal lifestyles.

So I hereby invite you (with some gentle persistence;) to hire virtual assistant and just give it a go for a couple of weeks. I can assure you, you will love it!

How did your life improve by hiring a virtual assistant?

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This site was really helpful when I was looking for small business ideas. I learned that my passion for cars can be turned into a profit. I have my own car business now and the goal setting techniques I learned here I still apply daily. Keep up the good work!

-John Canfield-

I really like your approach on discussing small business ideas. Most sites about business ideas have so much hype and lack any credibility. The value of your site is your easy and realistic approach. It really shows you are a small business coach in the real world. Thanks to your recommendations I started my very own jewelry web business. Doing what I love is great! Thanks again Onno.

-Andrea Sylver-

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