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This article is the conclusion of my research on iphone app development and how to earn money with it.

Contrary to what most people think, creating apps for iphone is not just for wiz kids and computer programmers.

Everyone who has ever downloaded an app knows how much money can be made with coming up with a great idea for an app. Did you know that some of the Top Applications are selling over 35 thousand copies a day ! At $0,99 per app, you (as the creator), get $0,70 after commissions. That is $24,500 in one day!

I don’t like to insult your intelligence and pretend that everyone can make this kind of money… Unless you come up with the next smash hit like Angry Birds you will most likely earn a bit less. But still, your earning potential is promising to say the least and well worth the investment. (Time and money wise).

Do you think you need:

  • Publishers
  • Distribution partners
  • Specialist development hardware?

None of it is really necessary. Digital technology has brought all that to the masses. Just like music and film making are dirt cheap and very accessible nowadays, Apple has sliced through the slow game of app production and has made iphone app development tools available to everyone who wants to create.

Tips from the pro’s:

1. Buy a Mac

It does not have to be a top of the line kind of thing though. Any old computer running the Leopard version of MacOS X will do. It will give you the maneuverability you need.

2. Get a free software development kit. (SDK)

Go to the developer site of Apple and get your free SDK for app development for iphone.

It includes nearly all you need to get going including the development environment Xcode.

This program analyses the performance and it offers the iphone simulator for testing and much more.

3. Learn “Objective C”

This is a programming language that you will need to know for iphone app development. But don’t touch that dial yet folks, there are some handy shortcuts here. You can get the “Objective C for Dummies” book or you can Google “objective C tutorial” to get a wealth of information.

4. Work hard on your app

App development for iphone involves work… but most apps can be created within a month to 6 weeks or so, especially when you know what to do when.

I came across a that teaches you the ropes in ipad and iphone app development. It offers a lot of shortcuts that will cut your learning curve by months.

In week 1 you will learn the basics of app creation. Easy tools like Cocos 2d will be introduced. It is considered one of the easiest tools available to create a good app.

You will learn how to de-bug your app and just dive into more in-depth info in a painless and fun way.

Week 2 and 3 will cover different iphone development tools using Xcode and Cocos . All information will be put forward in such a way that it is easily understood. Even advanced stuff will be backed up by video tutorials, so that everyone will understand.

At the end of week 3 you will have your very first app or game ready to go!

5. Submit your app to the app store

The big day is finally here, you are going to submit your app to the app store yeah!

The process is pretty straightforward: zip up the file, upload it with a catchy description and make a large and a small icon and some nice screenshots. If Apple thinks everything is alright your app will be approved in a week and you will see it in the store.

6. Marketing is the magic word

Just getting your app to the App Store doesn’t mean you‘ll have instant success. You need to create a buzz around your app. Engage with gaming communities, start a blog about your app, mail out press releases and of course include social media.

Everything you need to know about marketing your app, and basically it comes down to two or three techniques, will extensively be covered by the The techniques you will learn to implement in this course are used by expert developers and they just work.

You will have to think about this too: Will you sell your app in the app store or will you offer it for free and reap in the advertising bonusses? You can do both did you know that? For instance you offer the first 10 levels for free, including ads and banners and when people are convinced they want to continue playing, you charge $0,99.

You will by now realize that iphone app development is not something you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But with the proper tools and knowledge you can have your app in the App Store in 4 weeks.

Instead of inventing the wheel yourself it is smart to have the experts at your side with the The first 30 days it is only $1, so there is no risk for you.

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