List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

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Here is the list of small business ideas for 2013; I did the research, dived into the data and used my expertise to find the most profitable ideas . I also added suggestions on where to actually get started and get insiders know-how to succeed- and help you create the lifestyle you want.

And that is something that sets this site apart from many of the others!

I am a small business coach and I have selected the best, most do-able and profitable ideas on this page.

Please have a serious look at all the opportunities listed. These ideas are scam free and real. Remember; a little investment of your time could bring in some serious income.

#1 Home Based Business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

Are you undervalued at work right now, or maybe unemployed, are you a stay at home mom trying to make ends meet or maybe you are 50+ and worried about your retirement? Then a home based business can be a great sollution for you.

The best way to gain your independance has always been starting your own small business.

If you have followed my three step plan on the previous pages, then you most likely have found your passion, and had a great idea on how to profit from that. For people who like trying out their business idea in a safe way, it is best to start a home based business; you don't have to rent an expensive office or shop, and there is only a 1 minute commute.

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With 175,000 Foreclosures per month, Banks Need Property Preservation Companies To Clean Up And Fix Up These Properties. Recession Resistant, Low Startup, Huge Profit Potential!
Make houses look great to speed up the sale.

Paid $700 for a Pontiac Montana, invested $50, sold for $2400> That's $1650 profit!

#2 Going Green

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

With almost everybody becoming more environmentally aware these days and people realizing the immense impact of our carbon footprint on our planet, the time is very right to start a green business.

Government subsidies are easy to get and the market will keep on expanding. Green businesses provide consumers with eco friendly products and services.

These opportunities also provide a very non-competitive niche because this is one of the newest industries around. Therefore competition might not be as stiff as in other small business opportunities.

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#3 Online Business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

If I could show you the way of starting an online business, would you be interested to know about that? With ten millions of people online every day and internet shopping becoming safer and more acceptable, this is my number three recommendation.
The Internet In 2000: Online spending during the week after Thanksgiving totaled less than $1 billion.

The internet in 2009: Online spending during the week after Thanksgiving 2009 totaled $3.17 billion: That’s a 372% increase!

When you find the right product or service to sell, just create a website (I'll tell you how to do that in the extra information for 'online business') and the world could be your customer base.

“But I don’t have a product” you may think. The thing here is to look at your hobbies, skills and trades. Turn your knowledge into a website filled with interesting content. Attract traffic and sell your product.

For instance, if you have affinity with jewelry, why don’t you build a site on how to make jewelry, and then sell your items and knowledge online? Say, you like photography and you are curious on how to benefit from that online… My point is that for every hobby, skill or trade there is a starving crowd waiting to be sold to.

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#4 Food Business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

Another great way of earning your living is the food business. No matter what shape the economy is in, people still need to eat! You’ve always enjoyed creating recipes in your own kitchen, so why not make money with it!

With a wide range of foods around, you need to find your own niche first. Will you cater to the lunch crowd wanting a tasty bagged meal, or is gourmet the thing for you? How about creating wedding cakes or a cookie baking business?

One of the biggest growing markets these days is the health food business. As baby boomers age and want to maintain healthy, they are turning to more nutritious foods.

Developing organic, low fat and tasty meals could be quiet lucrative for you. Do you like to start up at low cost? Then a catering biz might be for you. Or you dreamed of having your own restaurant but don’t know where to start? This site is a great place to begin.

how to start a restaurant just might be...

#5 Health and Fitness Business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

The health and fitness business is another great choice to earn your living. With an aging population, and baby boomer's living longer than ever, the need for them to stay fit and feel beautiful is in high demand. The health and fitness business is just so extended; virtually everyone has a demand for it, women and men, young and old, slim or obese.

If you consider starting a health and fitness business, you can develop your motivational and interpersonal skills to really help people feel better about themselves. And live healthier lives, mentally and physically.

Some examples are: become a certified fitness instructor, start your own successful spa or open a meditation and yoga center. Have you heard about the medical transportation niche, find out on how to do that right below.

Health related fitness is the way to...

#6 Pet Business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

About 100 years ago a dog's life wasn't what it is today! It meant sleeping outside, only eating leftovers, no love from the owner and living with aches.

Today a dog's life is much better. APPA reports that 42% of dogs now sleep in the same bed as their owners, up from 34% in 1998. Their menu reflects every fad in human food from locally sourced organic meat and vegan snacks to gourmet meals bolstered by, say, glucosamine to ward off stiff joints.

Half of all dog owners say they consider their pet's comfort when buying a car, and almost a third buy gifts for their dogs' birthdays.

Have you got affinity with animals and everything furry, and you want to cash in on this stable, fun filled market? Then it’s time to How to become a dog trainer...

#7 Real estate investing

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

Real estate is the simplest, easiest, safest, shortest route to financial freedom. This is also as true today as it will be twenty-five years from now. If you want financial freedom, real estate should be a large part of your portfolio. If you want to be successful in real estate investing, you need to know how to find bargain properties, how to fund those properties, and then how to farm those properties...

The opportunity listed on my specialist page will show you how to locate the best buys, deal with real estate agents, and manage properties, all with little-or no-money down. It will educate you on how to become a specialist in real estate investing.

Clear to me is that with this opportunity you have a huge potential to make a lot of money.

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#8 eBay income

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

Want to make money on eBay? Ebay has made more people millionaires than many other businesses online.

It is a great place to buy and sell everything from Ferrari’s to clipped toenails.

Nearly anything you list on eBay will sell if you're flexible enough about the price.

EBay’s global reach can even move unusual items that aren't in demand in your own neighborhood, turning dust collectors into cash.

Learn everything about ebay com , know the secrets of this trade and see how you can make it to the best sellers list on eBay com.

Do you want to know the top selling items on eBay this week? Click best selling items on eBay

#9 Computer business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

If you have affinity with computers it is time to explore the opportunities of starting a computer business. There are several niches to choose from here. Website creation is a vast area, because virtually every business owner needs a good website. You can also decide to fix computers in your area. A lot of people have trouble keeping their computers fast and running smoothly. So word will spread quickly when people hear you can fix them.

For instance the demand for spyware and virus removal services is high! A huge amount of computer call centers help request are spyware or virus related. Over 50% of ISP technical assistance calls are all spyware and virus related.

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#10 Daycare business

List Of Small Business Ideas 2014

This is not babysitting!

The going daycare rates for kids over 1 year old is $150 per week. With the maximum 10 children per teacher ratio = $6,000 per month. Now if you hire a helper for $8 per hour, you can have 20 kids and make over $10,000 per month!

There are more children needing daycare than space available! If a parent wants to put their child in daycare, they must put their name on a waiting list.

Now if you want to teach the children good manners, how to read, and do math, you add even more value to your business. Making it a pre-Kindergarten school can demand up to $200 per child!

To learn all about at home daycare click here...

#11 Create iphone apps

Don't dismiss this opportunity just because you don't know much about computers. There are programs available to help you every step of the way to create your very own iphone apps.

iphone apps range from extended professional applications for lawyers to simple addictive games. Basically everyone loves to play with their phones and it seems the vast market is only going up here. There is lots of money to be made by selling the app itself (for $0.99)or offer the app for free and sell advertising space.

Learn how a 14 year old school boy created a simple game that got downloaded 2 million times! More info here on

create iphone apps.

That’s it! You just read a wealth of information on my list of small business ideas. Please use this knowledge to your advantage and regain your freedom!

The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they most enjoy.

- Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

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