Making extra money from home

How Johanna found her passion by using my technique.

Making extra money from home.

Meet Johanna, she is a 34 year old call center employee at a big health insurance company. Four days a week she answers calls of customers who have questions about their specific package.

Her work is rewarding in a way, but the long commute takes 2 hours every day and she finds she is spending too much time away from her 4 years old son, who goes to daycare 3 days a week. A sacrifice she no longer is willing to make. Her husband David also works four days a week in construction.

Johanna feels she is missing out too much of her son's life and dreams of spending more time with him and her husband. She feels that life should be more than just working and trying to figure out their schedules.

Let's have a look at how Johanna found a way of making extra money at home and how she filled out the Passion To Profit worksheet.


I ask her to tell me about her passions in life and write down at least 3. She writes:

A. She loves playing the piano. Ever since she was a kid.

B. She has a passion for interior design. She stays up to date by reading magazines and browsing furniture shops. Every few months or so she subjects their living room to trendy new updates.

C. Johanna loves swimming. Every week she tries to go to her local pool and swim a few laps.

2. Strengths

Now I ask her to tell me about her strong points. She tells me:

A. She is a real people person who likes to socialize, chat and has the ability to connect to nearly everyone.

B. She is great at organizing and has an ability to multitask. (as a working mom that's a very handy skill!)

C. When she starts a certain task she likes to get it done. Even when it gets tough.


Together we review her passions and her strengths. We talk about which passion could best be transformed into a "passion based" business.

Her passion for interior design catches her eye. And combined with organizing, multitasking, her social skills and perseverance, this could make a potential winning combination to making extra money from home.


We decided to use the search engines and look for inspiration. A lot of interior design sites came up, about ideas, how to make your house look cool, some real estate ads. etc.

We decided to meet again in a week do some further research on- and off-line and then discuss all the options.

The week after, she tells me she had an interesting conversation with her friend Liz. She is a real estate agent and complained about some clients who just don't get around to get their house in shape for potential buyers. Liz tells Johanna this happens a lot. It is a hassle because a house that is not clean or has a bad vibe is a lot harder to sell.


It was easy for us in this case to connect the dots... I could tell her about something I found online: a home business called 'Homestaging'. Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of home staging is to make it more appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money...


Johanna decided to go for it!

When searching the web for home staging she found an online course called 'home staging success'. It teaches you on how to start, manage and simply be very successful in this trade.

Initially she kept on working as a call center employee and decided to set up her new small business in her spare time. But after a few months the earnings of her new business started to pick up and now (this is 5 months after our session) she has nearly doubled her previous income making extra money from home.

Making extra money from home, she only works when she likes, because she quit her job and now spends a lot more time with her family.

Jackie Riley, an independent home staging professional, has authored Home Staging Success. This wonderful e-Book offers you simple guidelines to stage your home. Staging is an excellent home business option.

Home Staging Success is available online for download here.

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