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Before selecting our small business ideas, it is important to explore your passions... And how to use them as potential resources to turn your passion into profit . To do something on a daily basis that you really love is good for you on so many different levels. The career change training on this page could really transform the way you look at doing business.

Most of the time, happy and successful people do what they love. It is very rare that great happiness is achieved by doing something we dislike.

Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.

-Claude Bissell-

Live life to the fullest!

When you ask people at the end of their lives about their regrets, they hardly regret the things they have done, but always regret the things they have'nt done!

One thing I strongly believe in is to live life to the fullest, to take chances and try all the things you really want to do. This believe has led me to India (3x as a matter a fact) to learn about meditation, to Colombia to learn Spanish, work in the airline industry as cabin crew and travel the world for free, start a family, (which was initially one of the scariest decisions I ever made...;-) and skill myself in NLP to become a coach.

But enough about me now, let's get to work and have a look at your passions and how you can shape it into finding the right small business ideas.

  1. Your passions +
  2. Your strengths +
  3. Combine them +
  4. Research it +
  5. Grow and develop =


For an explanation of the passion to profits technique click... Making extra money from home

1. Passion

In order to find the right small business ideas it is good to start with writing down things you love, topics you are interested in. Everyone is usually good at something. Please don't limit yourself here, because I believe it is possible to make a career or start a small business out of everything. Especially when you think out of the box. So, go ahead get some paper and a pen and write down 3 things you are passionate about:




2. Strengths

Think of things like: People person/team player or great at working alone, great with language or numbers, creative or talent in admin, work with computers, like to socialize, thinker or more hands-on, good at planning or more intuitive? Think along those lines and ask friends for positive feedback.




3. Combine

Ready for the magic? Now combine your passions and strengths and blend it into something that could be a service or a product, or a special expertise that people might want. Don't limit yourself here with over-thinking the concept. Just think possibilities instead!

People all over the world start successful small businesses everyday and you'd be surprised with how little money it can be done. Commitment is the key here. Simply aim to think of an offering, product, or new direction that will excite you!

4. Research

Use the search engines to find out how others are offering something similar. Get great small business ideas here, expand it, change it a little here or there. Find out how the demand is. Find the number of monthly visitors at most websites, in addition to the search terms that generate the most traffic for them at and Talk to people in the industry and ask what it is like, what do you need. What hurdles had to be overcome?

Also think about what type of business is best for you:

  • Freelancing with several clients is often a much better way to create an income than working for a boss.
  • Will you have a traditional brick and mortar business or will you be an online business? Or maybe both?
  • Will you rent an office or work from home?

On you will find so many small business ideas and techniques to actually get started with your small business. Have a look, explore and have your pick from the wealth of ideas and resources.

5. Grow and develop

We are working towards fulfilling your dreams, live with passion and create wealth and freedom. Do you think all this is done fast and very easy? Unfortunately the answer is no. Starting a small business (or anything worthwhile actually) is never fast and easy. A business that has the potential to lift you from your current situation, to create the wealth you deserve to set you free and live your dreams takes time to develop.

Any business you know and see has started at some point. It once started with someone's dream, he or she added vision, researched, and committed to the dream. This can be done by nearly everyone. So why should you wait? All the tools are available here to start your business right now. (Okay tomorrow is fine too).

You can start with only a few hours a week. The only thing it will cost you is some time and effort; a small sacrifice if you keep in mind that your business can bring you wealth, freedom and live your passion!

6. Your new Business!

If you followed the steps above, have given it some thought, did some research, then it's breakthrough time! You have found your small business ideas where you can specialize in your passion.

small business ideas

Example of how Johanna used my technique

Find out how Johanna used the Passion To Profit technique to get great small business ideas and started her own small business. She quit her day job and spends a lot more time with her son and husband.

The passion to profits explained here: making extra money from home...

Some great passion quotes are listed on this page: Quotes about passion here...

Graham found his perfect business, based on passion. He was a visitor to this website just like you today. He wrote his very own page about his Green Home Business.

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