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Build your own travel website

Making money from websites about your favorite place on earth

Your Very Own Travel Website

My passion is to travel and my job for many years is traveling (I work as a Purser with KLM airlines). My other job is teaching people on how making money from websites is a serious opportunity. So naturally I have a lot of affinity with talking to you about building a travel website.

I was actually searching for information about travel in Australia, and for some reason ended up reading the story of a website's owner - Birgit. She said she was making money from websites earning thousands of dollars every month. Her Australia Outback site being the biggest travel site she had built.

All she had to do to make this happen was create good content (interesting stories, helpful information) about Australia, and share it with the world. She made it sound very simple. She got me really curious...

On her site she also mentions that when she started building her travel website, she knew absolutely nothing about website creation or design. (That sounded like me! I had to find out more about it...)

Another part that related to my situation was that she was from Germany and English was not her native language. (My first language is Dutch.)

That's my wife, my youngest son and me in the botanical gardens in Sydney by the way.

Then she shared who had taught her to build a travel website and how to create a real, profitable online business that generates a stable income.

Click here for travel Case Studies...

I had no idea that the next click was going to change my entire life... By reading her story it got me to know about SBI!

Their system motivated me to create this website myself, and it made me believe it was really possible to make money online.

Do you love to travel too? Can you tell a story or two about your favorite place in the world? Or maybe your home town or state is worth showing to the world?

If your answer is Yes, this could be very good news for you. You know, the travel industry has been experiencing record growth over the last decade.

AOL recently forecasted that of all e-commerce opportunities, travel could be the most lucrative. And people not only want to travel… They want to know more about travel, destinations, what to see, where to shop and eat. How to get there and how to do it for less!

The information you can share on your favorite place in the world, may be worth more than you think…Through all the ups and downs of e-commerce and the internet over the past few years, one fact has become abundantly clear, over and over:

Knowledge is the most valuable commodity on the internet.

Just think: That great little hidden beach you found on Bonaire, or that tasty Amsterdam bistro you stumbled upon is in demand right now on the world wide web!

These are just the tip of the iceberg – there are literally hundreds of thousands of travel related searches being made by curious, knowledge-thirsty travelers every day!

Bill Gates accurately predicted a few years back: “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet…the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information”.

So, you most likely have some know-how about a great place. And you have the motivation (otherwise you would not be here). But how do you to transfer that knowledge to the net?

How can you build an online travel website business (or any type of business) without having to piece together all kinds of different software programs and complex marketing techniques? Is paying some graphics and marketing gurus an outrageous amount the only choice?

It really doesn't have to be like that.

The Sensible Solution That Works

Some powerful tools are ready to fall into the right hands…yours!

Have a look at this short video. It’s about Tony from www.romantic-oregon-coast.com:

Yes, he was able to create a website about his beloved Oregon coast, and make money online.

Or check out this video from Kim. He created www.visiting-niagara-falls.com without any HTML knowledge.

And now he makes enough to fund his retirement and he has something to put his heart and passion into.

Would you like to read more about how Birgit build her site about the Australian Outback? Then Click here for travel Case Studies...

With Site Build It! you can build a travel website and have all the tools, all in one place, all for one price, and all tied together in to a straightforward, integrated, step-by-step process that works. Nothing else is even remotely close…

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