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What is good customer service?

Learn the rules and define customer service yourself.

What is good customer service? That is a question I wish many companies would ask themselves a bit better! Have you called your phone provider, cable company or power supplier helpdesk recently?

Well, I have and it can get pretty frustrating trying to convince the employee that you have a problem and motivate them to actually do something about it!

The hours I spend waiting on-hold listening to horrible music, being connected to people who did not know what the hell they were doing, then after hours of waiting, ask you to write a letter instead which of course doesn’t arrive at the right desk and never hear from again. Days, months pass by like this and nothing happens.

Impersonal organization

Nowadays a helpdesk is a completely impersonal organization, and helpdesk employees have no relation to the company they work for whatsoever. They solely work according to protocol. As long as you have a problem that fits into the protocol, your problem could be solved without too much difficulty.

However, when you have a problem that does not fit into their protocols… you are basically doomed! Lost in the system and left to your own devices. I guess I am pretty fed up with how big companies define customer service

If you would ask me to define customer service, I will probably say something like this:

"Customer Service is a function of how well an organization is able to constantly and consistently exceed the needs of the customer."

I have written some basic guidelines to help you define customer service. As a small business owner you could benefit tremendously from being good to your customers and consistently exceed their needs.

Guidelines for great customer service:

  1. Adjust your attitude to the customer’s needs, and provide extra service without being asked.
  2. Ensure that all of your customer’s needs are satisfied. Constantly and pro-actively look for opportunities to improve service for the customer.
  3. Ensure that others feel acknowledged and valued.
  4. Accurately take into consideration the effects of your own behavior.
  5. Interpret and recognize verbal and non-verbal signals correctly and adjust your behavior accordingly.

What is good customer service? I hope you are a few steps closer now to answering that question for yourself.

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