Why is customer service important?

And what is good customer service? Native Americans already knew the answer to this.

Why is customer service important? You’ll hear many companies say: “The customer is our main priority.” But in reality that slogan is often limited to functional customer focus: does the customer get what has been promised to him/her.

Your small business has to be more and more focused to the emotional experience of your customers, because the real opportunity here lies in the extend you can distinguish your small business.

If you would ask me to define customer service I would say something like this:

"Customer Service is a function of how well an organization is able to constantly and consistently exceed the needs of the customer."

If you really want to know the key to good customer service, then you should direct your attention to how your customers feel when you have been in contact with them. Other companies might neglect this important issue, but in the near future this will make the difference in winning over the customer’s loyalty.

So, why is customer service important? Especially when dealing with complaints or problems keep the following interesting questions in mind:

  • How much time has been invested in empathy?
  • Do you ask the right questions to get to the real problem/pain?
  • Have there been problems before?
  • Did you summarize the customers’ needs to see if you are on the same page?
  • Did you do your utmost to solve the problem?
  • If you cannot solve it, show your empathy and offer your assistance with other issues.

What is good customer service?

To see the most important guidelines in meeting the needs of your customers click what is good customer service...

Businesses have put their focus on being efficient and working more and more systematically with the help of modern technology. (I.e. when you call your bank, you most likely speak to a computer at first).

This is all great when talking efficiency… but where is the love? Above and beyond, people just want to be heard and acknowledged when they contact a business. When customers hang up the phone and had a positive and good feeling about your service, they are more likely to remain a good customer and spread the word about your great service to their friends, colleagues and family.

Native Americans much preferred to keep a fire going once it was made, than making a fire over and over again.

It's the same with business I guess… It is easier to keep customers you already have and sell to them over and over again than trying to find new customers all the time.

I hope you know now why is customer service important. It’s not just important… it’s vital to the survival of your small business!

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